The United States- West

The United States- Midwest

  • Ashley Kelly

    Project Manager Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming (949) 351-5146
  • Nikka Santos

    Project Administrator Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma (949) 757-FORM
  • Libby Sharp

    Sales Representative Minnesota, North and South Dakota (612) 751-7494
  • Resa Anaya of Contract Furniture Associates

    Sales Representative El Paso County, TX and New Mexico (505) 288-1057
  • Randy Jones of Hospitality Furnishings

    Sales Representative Kansas, Western Missouri and Nebraska (913) 707-2500
  • Ashlee Kirk

    Sales Representative Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee (901) 497-1461
  • Jim and Julie Connell of Hospitality Furnishings

    Sales Representatives Eastern Missouri, Iowa and Southern Illinois (636) 939-4842
  • Dann Niven

    Sales Representative Wisconsin, Western Michigan, Illinois and Indiana (773) 398-6750 (773) 588-0867

The United States- East

  • David Fine

    Sales Representative Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Michigan (513) 260-9234
  • Ashley Kelly

    Project Manager Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia (949) 351-5146
  • Susan Farrar

    Sales Representative Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and the Florida Panhandle (404) 234-1632
  • Nikka Santos

    Project Administrator New York & New Jersey (949) 757-FORM
  • Brian Jones & Associates of Karen Vaz Sales

    Sales Representative Jacksonville, Orlando & Tampa, FL Brian- (828) 337-4515 Nancy- (828) 713-4577
  • Nikka Santos

    Project Administrator Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Philadelphia, PA (949) 757-FORM
  • Karen Vaz

    Sales Representative Areas of Florida including: Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Miami and The Keys (954) 494-3757



  • Courtney Lang

    Please contact our Senior Project Administrator in our corporate office for all international inquiries. (949) 757-3676 (888) 922-3676


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